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Can Menopause Make You Gain Weight?
Itís hardfor women to keep their weight at bay as they gain weight quickly when comparedto men. Many women just ... ...

Can Menopause Make You Gain Weight?

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Posted on: 01/12/18

Itís hard for women to keep their weight at bay as they gain weight quickly when compared to men. Many women just canít figure out why they started to gain weight after the age of 40-45 and many suspected that the reason for weight gain might be Menopause. So does menopause cause you to weight gain? Or not? The short answer is definitely yes. Letís see what exactly happens.

In many cases the weight gain can be minor and in some cases there can be a drastic change, it all depends on a womanís body.

How to differentiate between normal weight gain and Menopausal weight Gain?

In case of normal weight gain, the woman will gain weight all around their body, and during the menopausal weight gain they will gain weight mainly around their abdomen, this is the biggest giveaway.

Causes of Menopausal Weight Gain

When you enter the menopause phase, your hormones decrease, and your metabolism slows down. When your metabolism slows down, your body automatically starts to deposit more fat as it is not able to digest the food quickly.

Hormonal Causes- The hormones in produced in our body have several functions, one of them is controlling the weight. The hormones enable our body to rightly calculate the right amount of protein, fats and carbs which are needed.

         Estrogen- During menopause, the estrogen levels drop down, so the body is in desperate need of estrogen. The fat cell is a good source of estrogen, so the body starts turning the calories into fat cells. This causes the body to gain weight. Furthermore, the fat cells do not burn as many calories which muscles do, so that results in more gain weight.

         Progesterone- During menopause, the progesterone levels drop drastically, this can result in bloating and increase in water weight. So, you would feel much heavier than the actual weight which you have gained.

         Testosterone is the main chemical which is responsible for our bodyís build. It is also responsible for distributing equal weight to all parts of the body. When the level of testosterone drops down, these functions do not take place, and in the result, we pack more pounds near our stomach and butt.

Potential Treatment for Menopausal weight Gain

Lifestyle Changes- You wouldnít imagine how much difference a lifestyle change can make in your life towards any health problem you face. As the fat cells in your body are not burning many calories, you can indulge in an exercise routine and burn the calories yourself. Yoga is also a good option to tone your body and also to relieve the stress.

Supplements- You can also take some herbal supplements which will not only help you with the weight loss but can even treat other menopause symptoms. Some of the supplements are black cohosh, Macafem, and omega 3-6 fish oil capsules. If this doesnít work, you can opt for contemporary medicines with Doctors advice.


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